Are you also looking for English subtitles to my YouTube videos?

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26 Comments to “ Are you also looking for English subtitles to my YT videos?”

  1. Sebastian Klaus says :Reply

    No need for English subtitles.

    1.) Not all listeners perfectly know English
    2.) English subtitles will make many people lazzy
    3.) If you do not get some words, use your dictionary or have a look at Google Translate or something else…
    4.) I love your video blog – although I just found it accidentally.

    Best regards from Germany

      1. Elena says :Reply

        Hi Sebastian, nice to “meet” you. And thank you for sharing your opinion.

      2. Ulises says :Reply

        Please add the English subtitles, if some people don’t want to use them they have the option but for beginners it would be nice to have that option. Sometimes i don’t need them and the few words i don’t know i look them up in the dictionary but it is more difficult with expressions and such. Thank you

          1. Elena says :Reply

            Hi Ulises, good to hear from you and get your feedback.
            I’ll include subtitles as an option in my course which I’m working on at the moment.

          2. Catherine says :Reply

            Pour ma part, je pense que des sous-titres anglais seraient extrêmement utiles. Nous aurions le choix, comme dans d’autres vidéos de slow russian, de choisir selon notre niveau. Ce qui marche pour moi : première écoute avec les sous-titres en anglais, puis en russe, puis sans rien.
            Idem pour les films. Si je regarde sans sous-titres, ce qui est souvent le cas, je capte quelques mots et quelques phrases. S’il y a les sous-titres en anglais, j’arrive à comprendre dix fois plus de mots et de phrases et je peux les assimiler beaucoup plus vite.
            Pourquoi ne pas permettre aux débutants de moins souffrir pour avancer plus vite ?
            Mais même sans sous-titres anglais, ces vidéos sont remarquables. Спасибо !

              1. Elena says :Reply

                Hi Catherine, thank you for your feedback.
                I don’t want you to suffer that’s why I’ll include subtitles as an option in my course which I’m working on at the moment.

              2. Madelin says :Reply

                Hi Elena!

                I love your videos, and I definitely agree with some other comments on here saying that its best that there is not an option to watch with English subtitles. However, in other language learning videos I have watched certain obsure or uncommon words and verbs are translated in a word list which accompanies the video. Perhaps this is an option that would satisfy listeners… including myself!

                Thank you for your great work!


                • Patrick says :Reply

                  Hi Elena-
                  I think it is great that you are trying to get a consensus from your subscribers about the English subtitles issue. I would have to say that I am in the “No Subtitles” group, mainly because subtitles give you a false sense of understanding, and they discourage you from developing correct listening skills.
                  If the language is impossible to understand, that would suggest that the videos are beyond the listener´s level. I believe that your videos are most useful for those who have at least a B1 (low-intermediate ) level of Russian, and very good for those who have a B2 level. If someone is below that, then subtitles are not going to be of great help to them anyway.
                  A good analogy would be like going to the gym- if you need someone to help you lift the weight, it will not be much use to you and you would benefit more from using a lighter weight until you could handle the heavier one. So it is with subtitles- it is helping you lift, and therefore no benefit to you. If it´s too heavy, go lighter and work your way up.

                  • Sven Olav Iversen says :Reply

                    For me I do not need English subtitles.

                    • Piero Canova says :Reply

                      не, я не хотешь сматрет субтитрь , на можно выбрать с меню.

                      • Elena,

                        For me, you are doing a very good job and your videos are well enough for the purpose you have manifested before, people who already has some learned background.

                        Maybe it could be good, for some users, the option to activate them in video settings, not embedded in the video… but still voting for the “No”.

                        Personally, I think this feature would allow the learner to be lazy and avoid the necessary struggle to actually learn.

                        Best regards.
                        Felizardo, from México.

                        • Arpad says :Reply

                          Hi Elena,
                          It is totally unnecessary to spare your time on writing and uploading a subtitles. Why so?
                          1. Because they will never learn something new if they stick to their native language.
                          2. There is a lot of similar podcast and they are always free to go somewhere else.
                          3. You are creating your original style and offering people opportunity to enjoy lessons which are unique.
                          4. Those words that you use are only for beginners and people are even too lazy to search the dictionary for few words, what is hilarious.
                          Greetings from Serbia.

                          • Chris says :Reply


                            I would very kindly say, “No.”

                            My suggestion:

                            Please watch the video without subtitles. Watch the video again with Russian subtitles and copy them.

                            Then either use a program like “Goggle Translate” or simply sit down with a dictionary and figure out what it is being said.

                            This exercise will help you learn natural spoken Russian, vocabulary, and help you remember what you have learned. It incorporates, auditory, visual, and kinetic learning.

                            You can also make a list of the new vocabulary terms and make-up your own sentences.

                            Thank you for your input.



                            • Mike says :Reply

                              I wonder whether those that don’t want English subtitles available understand they can be turned on and off easily?


                              • Robert says :Reply

                                No ,do not add subtitles as it distracts from the spoken word. I find it is better to have printout instead then you can refer to it later to absorb the context.

                                • Марк says :Reply

                                  Don’t do it!! If they’re not ready for your method, let them find other materials that will get them to that point. Но по-моему, это очень важно, что студенты изучают как *думать* только по-русски, без перевода ‘как опорой.’ (простите пожалуйста мои ошибки!)

                                  • Danilo says :Reply

                                    I think people should have in mind that the content you make is mostly for those who already have a knowledge in russian language. That being said I wouldn’t recommend your channel for a beginner, but for those who already are somewhat acquainted with russian, I would definately recommend it. Your teaching is amazing and I’m so glad for having found it. Those who cannot understand much of it, it’s all about practice. Watch as many times you feel like and write words you can’t understand so you can translate them later and return to video once you’ve learnt the new vocabulary. It’s not quite easy, I must confess, but this is russian, it shouldn’t be that easy anyway))).

                                    • John Punt says :Reply

                                      Hello Elena, you are doing a great job. Compliments!!! Please do not use English subtitles. Maybe you show them on your website, but not on youtube. It is better without them. I like your common subjects. Very useful, thanks.

                                      John .

                                      • Mike says :Reply

                                        My preference would be to have English subtitles available for your videos, in addition to the Russian subtitles. Although you may be correct that it is better to attempt to discern the meaning purely from context, a translator must be used for most people, at least occasionally. Personally, I don’t often use English subtitles when listening to a video in Russian, but I do switch English on momentarily when I can’t figure out something from the context, or just to check my understanding compared with the English version.

                                        I also think that adding English subtitles may be helpful for beginning students, and it may broaden your audience as well.

                                        As teacher, you can always recommend that your students use your preferred method; however, there are so many different types of students, various levels, preferences, etc. that I think it’s best to put the control in the hands of each student… allow them to choose what they feel works best for them.

                                        Finally, I’m willing to assist in adding English subtitles to your videos. There may also be others willing to help out. It’s good practice for us, I think, and just one more tool for helping us improve our Russian.

                                        Thanks for all of your efforts, and for soliciting and listening to our feedback!


                                        • Darcy says :Reply

                                          I don’t know if I should mention this or not. But…..even though you haven’t added subtitles in English you have added them in Russian. I am sure that Google uses this source for their Auto Generated subtitles and not your actual voice so this gives a far better result. Therefore, if you set YouTube for Auto Generated subtitles in English it seems to be a reasonable translation. I don’t normally use the English subtitles but I tried it on the your last video about American Movies and it seemed to be quite adequate.

                                          • Kathryn Reeves says :Reply

                                            In YouTube, there is the option to turn subtitles on and off. I have seen videos in which there are subtitles available in both English and Russian, and this has been helpful to me. Being a beginner, I often I start with English subtitles, then switch to Russian or turn subtitles off. Thanks so much!

                                            • Hohner Hanna says :Reply

                                              Hey guys! There are a bunch of opportunities out there to watch something with subtitles. I think that the best thing in Elena’s videos is that she is speaking extremely slowly and simply AND without subtitles, so that you are forced to find out what she means by yourself, or at least to try to guess the spelling and look it up in a dictionary. Slowly speaking, lots of recurring words – that’s how children learn to speak right?!

                                              • Scott Z says :Reply

                                                English subtitles I think, would be helpful. Russian is a “flexible” language with many different ways to express similar thoughts. Subtitles would add value to learners that need them without diminishing the enjoyment for people that don’t find them helpful.

                                                • Arne Løvik says :Reply

                                                  Hi 🙂 I think it’s nice with the option of subs. I normally watch a Russian video 1-2-3 times (depending on the length of course) and try understand as much as I can. Then I turn on the subs and learn a few more words. Ideally I also try to have the transcript of the text up as well. And lastly I love having the Russian subs as I often practice my reading that way. I listen and read the text. Then pause the video and read it out aloud for myself 🙂
                                                  I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for all your hard work!
                                                  Kind regards

                                                  • Al says :Reply

                                                    I am a more advanced student, so I don’t need English subtitles, but it is good for beginners so if I were you I would do it.

                                                    Can you make money on this project? I think you will need more viewers so that you can start to get advertising.

                                                    • Peter Andreasen says :Reply

                                                      Please don’t add english subtitles. It is better to be forced to concentrate in Russian.

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