The biggest win of all in your language game

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2 Comments to “The biggest win of all in your language game”

  1. Damion says : Reply

    Great tip, I’very already implemented this since reading your last email. I learn the most from music..One song can help you with reading, writing, pronunciation and context.

    • Roberto says : Reply

      Привет Елена!

      Как дела? Ваш сайт очень хороший, мне нравится! Спасибо большое!
      Я хочу улучить мой русский!
      Всего хорошего! Роберто

      P.S. I live in the north Georgia mountains, very close to Dahlonega. There is a university there, university of north Georgia. I will be taking third year Russian there starting January 9, 2017. I appreciate your help immensely. Cheers!

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