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Friday, 05 May 2017 / Published in Pronunciation, Russian
Thursday, 09 March 2017 / Published in Pronunciation, Russian
Saturday, 18 February 2017 / Published in Stories

6 Comments to “ Silent Letters In Russian”

  1. Mohammed says :Reply

    Да это очень хорошо если возможно!! спасибо Mr. Steven и благодаря Елена.

    • Steven says :Reply

      Dear Elena,

      at first let me thank you for the work you put into your videos. They are really well made and it helps a lot during the process of learning russian. You have the right strategie of choosing the topics and level of difficulty. I really liked the one where you went to the supermarket!

      I wanted to ask you if there is a way to get a transcript of your subtitles? I ask because I’m a beginner and need to translate mostly every second or third word. It would be more convenient if you could provide the text and I could just cut and paste the word into my dictionary. What do you think about that?


        1. Mike says :Reply


          I know this isn’t quite what you were looking for; however, please note that if you click “More…” then “Transcript,” under any video with subtitles, you can view the transcript for the video. You can also copy text directly from the transcript.



            1. Steven says :Reply

              Okay, I see. This is more than adequate I would say. Thanks Mike!

                1. Elena Jung says :Reply

                  Hi Steven, thank you for your feedback.
                  I’ve added the script to this video for you. You can find it right below the video.
                  On this website you also can find scripts to other videos, e.g. The Supermarket here

            2. Mohammed says :Reply


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