How To Order A Coffee In Russian

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  1. Misael Galindo Augusto Pacheco says :Reply

    I’d like to learn more expressions like “We’d like to pay separately” or “I’d like to pay for the whole people”. Thanks.

      1. Elena says :Reply

        Here you go:
        We’d like to pay separately. -> Мы хотели бы заплатить отдельно.
        I’m paying for everyone today. -> Я плачу за всех сегодня.

      2. Alejandro says :Reply

        Latte !!!

        • Misael Galindo Augusto Pacheco says :Reply

          I really liked all the videos that I’ve read until now, mainly the one about “Sentence deconstruction”. I can learn some really interesting facts about the language and its remarkable grammar. “World map”, “Confusing words”, “Supermarket” are wonderful. Thanks. Hope to see new ones.

          Misael Galindo A Pacheco

            1. Elena says :Reply

              hi Misael, glad to get your feedback about specific videos you enjoyed.
              I’m working on my course which my 100% focus so I’m not filming new videos for youtube now.

            2. Pieter (Петeр) says :Reply

              I love coffee and make it by hand-grinding the beans myself for each mug in a plunger (French press), early morning and afternoon. I can only answer in English, but speak Afrikaans (sounding very much like Russian). I will attend a conference in Sankt Petersburg soon and try now to master the alphabet to help with the metro and transportation. You are fabulous in person and in your teaching methods. My only problem is the difference in hearing “A” when you write “O”. Baie dankie / Большое cпасибо

                1. Elena says :Reply

                  Hi Pieter, as you can see it took me forever to reply) but better late that never, right?
                  I appreciate your feedback.
                  Did already attend that conference in St.Petersburg? how was it?
                  I know, it’s tricky with A & O. I explained it in this video
                  Fell free to let me know how it worked for you.

                2. Sonny says :Reply

                  Очень полезно. Спасибо вам.

                    1. Elena says :Reply

                      Спасибо за комментарий, Сонни. Вы уже заказали кофе на русском?

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